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    Batch #54

    ~OPEN For Ready Stock ONLY~

    NEW SECRETEYES.ORG REAL REWARDS, send us your pic wearing the contact lens at

    We’re no longer take preorder for Seeshell, only sell ready stock for now

    Choose your favorite lens on our website. Simply click Secreteyes Shoppe, register, pick your lens and submit your order. Please wait for us to reply for the payment confirmation.

    Batch #54 is being offered from NOW. Shipped within 48hrs (max 3 days)

    These are our current order list.

    Please visit our shop at SECRETEYES SHOPPE to see more choices and colors.

    BOLD = NOT SEND || RS = Ready Stock || PRE = Preorder

    Pre-Order & Ready Stock Order List

    GNG and DUEBA

    1. Keri (usa) Kira-Kira Brown (175/175) PAID/SHIPPED 10/10 RR129610805MY
    2. Xiu (usa) BT02 Brown (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 RR129610845MY
    3. William (usa) Alamode Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 EE003996562MY
    4. Maite (canada) MX21 Black (250/275) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 RR129613458MY
    5. Elaine (usa) MX21 Brown (100/200) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613489MY
    6. Elaine (usa) MX21 Green (100/200) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613489MY
    7. Jenny (usa) Ifax Grey (100/100) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613807MY
    8. Chau (usa) 2Color Brown (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 14/11 RR129618971MY
    9. Renee (australia) 2Color Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 14/11 RR129618968MY
    10. Jiyoon (n zealand) 2Color Grey (175/200) PAID/SHIPPED 14/11 RR129618985MY
    11. Tommy (australia) BT01 (200/250) PAID/SHIPPED 17/11 RR129618835MY
    12. Lizzy (usa) Kira-Kira Green (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 17/11 RR129619005MY
    13. Karina (usa) Kira-Kira Brown (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 6/12 RR129617525MY
    14. Melinda (usa) Kira-Kira Pink (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 29/11 RR129615431MY


    1. Sandra (canada) CK105 (300/300) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610774MY
    2. Watsana (australia) Nudy Brown (100/100) PAID/SHIPPED 19/10 EE003996655MY
    3. Maite (canada) White Lens (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 RR129613458MY
    4. Macarena (spain) Princess Mimi Green (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 29/10 RR129615414MY
    5. Jessica (usa) Princess Mimi Brown (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 5/12 RR129617582MY


    1. Bebe (usa) ME Brown (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613798MY


    1. Sandra (canada) B Diva Brown (300/300) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610774MY
    2. Alaina (usa) B Lumie 3t Brown (175/175) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610765MY
    3. Marilia (brazil) B Summer Brown (475/475) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129613435MY
    4. Marilia (brazil) B Poppy Blue (475/475) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129613435MY
    5. Rocio (usa) B Poppy Blue (500/500) PAID/SHIPPED 16/10 RR129610876MY
    6. Andre (germany) B Sexy Lace Red (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 16/10 RR129610862MY
    7. Metheavy (usa) B BB Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 RR129613461MY
    8. Metheavy (usa) B Poppy Brown (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 RR129613461MY
    9. Andrea (usa) B Summer Violet (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613492MY
    10. Pichsovathya (cambodia) B BB Grey (375/375) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613475MY
    11. Bebe (usa) B Lumie 3t Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613798MY
    12. Saewon (usa) B BB Violet (225/225) PAID/SHIPPED 14/11 RR129618999MY
    13. Jiyoon (n zealand) B Diva Brown (475/475) PAID/SHIPPED 14/11 RR129618985MY
    14. Trisha (canada) B Summer Brown (600/600) PAID/SHIPPED 6/12 RR129617534MY
    15. Michelle (usa) B BB Blue (275/275) PAID/SHIPPED 6/12 RR129617429MY


    1. Alaina (usa) K Bambi Grey (175/175) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610765MY
    2. Alaina (usa) K Bambi Violet (175/175) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610765MY
    3. Alaina (usa) K Bambi Blue (175/175) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610765MY
    4. Metheavy (usa) K Misty Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 RR129613461MY
    5. Pichsovathya (cambodia) Ifairy Venus Blue (400/400) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613475MY
    6. Elizabeth (usa) K Bambi Pink (200/200) PAID/SHIPPED 17/11 RR129618849MY
    7. Colleen (usa) K Misty Brown (150/225) PAID/SHIPPED 6/12 RR129617415MY


    1. Vickie (usa) Dreamy Green (650/650) PAID/SHIPPED 10/10 RR129610791MY
    2. Amy (usa) Dreamy Violet (800/850) PAID/SHIPPED 16/10 EE003996633MY
    3. Jenny (usa) Dreamy Hazel (100/100) PAID/SHIPPED 1/11 RR129613807MY
    4. Lizzy (usa) Dreamy Violet (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 17/11 RR129619005MY
    5. Karina (usa) Dreamy Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 6/12 RR129617525MY
    6. Jessica (usa) Dreamy Violet (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 5/12 RR129617582MY
    7. Jessica (usa) Dreamy Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 5/12 RR129617582MY
    8. Jessica (usa) Dreamy Green (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 5/12 RR129617582MY


    1. xxx


    1. Sandra (canada) SC Hazel (300/300) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610774MY
    2. Sandra (canada) SC Pink (300/300) PAID/SHIPPED 12/10 RR129610774MY
    3. Maya (usa) SC Pink (250/250) PAID/SHIPPED 14/11 RR129600689MY
    4. Maya (usa) SC Hazel (250/250) PAID/SHIPPED 14/11 RR129600689MY
    5. Lizzy (usa) SC Pink (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 17/11 RR129619005MY
    6. jenny (australia) SC Pink (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 17/11 RR129618821MY
    7. Jessica (usa) SC Pink (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 5/12 RR129617582MY


    1. Lizzy (usa) DE Blue (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 16/10 RR129610788MY
    2. Lizzy (usa) WE Pink (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 16/10 RR129610788MY
    3. Maria (spain) DE Brown (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 29/10 RR129615428MY


    1. William (usa) Fairy Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 EE003996562MY
    2. Lizzy (usa) Fairy Grey (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 17/11 RR129619005MY


    1. Watsana (australia) BD400 Grey (100/100) PAID/SHIPPED 19/10 EE003996655MY


    1. xxx

    Pearl Prime & POP C Light

    1. xxx

    S.Barbie & Candy

    1. Sabrina (argentina) SB Hybrid Violet (0/0) PAID/SHIPPED 22/10 RR129610726MY

    Thank you for all your support guys! We will inform once the lens arrived and will post it ASAP.

    1st OCT 2012

    13 Comments to “Batch #54”

    • i still have not recieved my shipping number. you confermed that you recieved my payment two weeks ago and im still waiting. i understand you have a lot of orders to fill but i am just wondering how much longer im going to be waiting to get what i ordered two weeks ago

    • i still have not recieved my shipping number. you confermed that you recieved my payment two weeks ago and im still waiting. i understand you have a lot of orders to fill but i am just wondering how much longer im going to be waiting to get what i ordered two weeks ago (ME TOO)

    • I sent payment and paid for *Express Shipping* almost two weeks ago. I have not received a tracking number or confirmation that my purchase has shipped. When can I expect to receive my purchase? Thank you!

    • I received the email. Thank you. I wanna buy more and send a good feedback when my lenses arrived hehehe thank you <33

    • I as well, sent payment for lenses and express shipping to the US October 10th, my lenses were in stock, has my order been shipping and if so what is the tracking on these?

      I work for an apparel design and manufacturing business, if we ever had a delay in processing we generally inform our customers immediately, especially the expedited customers… Kinda irked. I want to be a repeat customer with you.

    • Hello. I never received an email about the shipment and I paid on October 14. I actually wanted to receive them within the two week range for Halloween, but I guess considering that you haven’t shipped them yet, don’t think that’s even possible. Please email me or let me know what is going on with the order. Thank you

    • I got my contacts – thank you! They look great, and were very comfortable to wear.

    • ~hello~ i finally recieved my contacts and i absolutely adore them! I plan to order more through you. They are so comfy and they look so good and are so vibrant. I dont plan to order contacts from any other site and when my friends ask me where i got my contacts from i plan to give them the name and information on this site. This is a site i will highly recomend for all my friends who are new to the world of circle lenses and ordering from over seas. Thank you so so much. ^-^ have a nice day

    • Paid on Oct 22 and still haven’t receive tracking number or any info about shipment. I tried to order my contacts early so i can have it ready by dec, please let me know when will you ship my items.

    • ahh, these comments worry me. :c my payment was just confirmed today and i’m going on vacation in about two weeks. i hope i’ll get these in time!

    • My payment cleared several days back and on your homepage it states that all in-stock lenses ship out within 48 hours. It has been well over two days and I’ve yet to receive an e-mail stating that the lenses have been shipped out with a tracking number. I anxiously await the arrival of the lenses. :D

    • Paid on Oct 22, ship Nov 1, and now is Dec 4 and i still havent receive anything. Keep checking my tracking number and it’s said unavailable

    • Just received my lenses in the mail. Was sad that I didn’t receive my free travel kit with my 5-pair purchase, but overall, I’m very pleased with the lenses. I’ll be sure to make a review very soon. Thank you again!

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    Welcome everyone to our website SECRETEYES.ORG - Your number 1 place where you can have a big, beautiful eyes delivered to your home with a click of a mouse. You will be able to pay us by Maybank, Western Union and Paypal, a safe and secure way to manage your online transactions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Thank you secret eyes for your great service! I received lots of feedback before and after shipping my order. The express shipping, though a bit pricey, was very reliable. I received my order in a timely fashion.
    I do have to be honest though and say that I am not satisfied at all with the contacts I ordered. The Geo Nudy Blue contacts are very very lightly pigmented, making them very dark on your eyes. You could hardly tell they were blue. Except in really bright lighting ie the flash of a camera, they looked beautiful. But in regular daylight, they were not very pretty at all. Very very disappointed, since I looked at so many pictures I thought they would be really pretty. But that's ONLY in front of a camera flash. I would NOT recommend this product, unless you don't mind having really dark eyes. The whole point of opaque contact lenses is to CHANGE or alter the colour of your eyes. These hardly did that at all.

    Roman Winchester - 2009-05-05

    view all


    Beuberry Summer Blue
    Lifespan : 1 Year
    B.C : 8.6
    Dia : 14.2mm

    Princess Mimi Brown
    Lifespan : 1 Year
    B.C : 8.7
    Dia : 15mm

    Kimchi Mio Grey
    Lifespan : 1 Year
    B.C : 8.6
    Dia : 14.5mm

    Sugar Candy Pink
    Lifespan : 1 Year
    B.C : 8.6
    Dia : 14.7mm

    Kimchi Mermaid Grey
    Lifespan : 1 Year
    B.C : 8.6
    Dia : 16mm

    I.Fairy Venus Red
    Lifespan : 1 Year
    B.C : 8.6
    Dia : 14.5mm

    Beuberry Lumie 3Tones Blue
    Lifespan : 1 Year
    B.C : 8.6
    Dia : 14.5mm

    Handmade False Eyelash 1028
    1 Box : 10 Eyelash
    Color : Natural Black
    Lash Lenght : Side : 4.5mm // Longest : 12mm




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    • wrong degrees of the lenses (when you provided us wrong degree information for your eyes)
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